On Your Marks with Prof Jonathan Marks

Book Review Shackleton by Ranulph Fiennes

November 29, 2022 Professor Jonathan Marks Season 1 Episode 46
On Your Marks with Prof Jonathan Marks
Book Review Shackleton by Ranulph Fiennes
Show Notes

Discover the story of Ernest Shackleton's legendary Antarctic expedition through the words of the world's greatest living explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes - one of the only men to understand his experience first-hand . . .

To write about Hell, it helps if you have been there.

In 1915, Sir Ernest Shackleton's attempt to traverse the Antarctic was cut short when his ship, Endurance, became trapped in ice.

The disaster left Shackleton and his men alone at the frozen South Pole, fighting for their lives.

Their survival and escape is the most famous adventure in history.

Shackleton is an engaging new account of the adventurer, his life and his incredible leadership under extreme circumstances. Written by polar adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes who followed in Shackleton's footsteps, he brings his unique insights to bear on these infamous expeditions. Shackleton is both a re-appraisal and a valediction, separating the man from the myth he has become.

Praise for Sir Ranulph Fiennes:

'The World's Greatest Living Explorer' - Guinness Book of Records

'Full of awe-inspiring details of hardship, resolve and weather that defies belief, told by someone of unique authority. No one is more tailor-made to tell [this] story than Sir Ranulph Fiennes' - Newsday

'Fiennes' own experiences certainly allow him to write vividly and with the empathy of the hell that the men went through - The Sunday Times

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